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Acton RTC Statement on Kelley's Corner Infrastructure Plan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                             Contact:  Dave Lunger, Chair

                                                                                                                Phone: 781 -775 -9922


                                Kelley’s Corner

Acton RTC urges changes to Kelley’s Corner infrastructure plan


Acton, MA, July 7, 2018 – The Acton Republican Town Committee urges the MassDOT to consider modifications to its infrastructure plans for Kelley’s Corner. As a deeply divisive issue (it has failed recent Town Meeting votes), changes to the plan can and should be considered to increase consensus to improve the end result and the satisfaction that goes with it.

The following are the critical goals of the ARTC.  These objectives are shared by most Actonians:

  • Preserving town character, especially venerating our stately old-growth trees along Route 111, west of Kelley’s corner.
  • A Primarily residential Acton must maintain existing and promote new thriving and tax-paying businesses; certainly not discourage the business community with business-terminating takings.
    • If current business parking footprints are needed, then plan for replacement rather than elimination (for example, behind these businesses); and,
    • Further evaluation of the road alignment could be performed to assess if these business parking takings can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Supporting changes to Kelley’s to be driven and guided by trusted private sector entrepreneurism
  • Efficiency improvements of traffic flow, but not at the expense of pedestrian safety. For example, finding alternatives to turning lanes, such as finding alternatives to the northbound approach to Rt27 where there is a proposed turning lane onto Rt111.


In our view, the current infrastructure plan does not address sufficiently the above critical goals. However, we would rather see modifications to the current plan to address them, rather than starting anew. Doing so will increase the support throughout our small-town community with a better end result.


If you would like more information about this statement, please contact Dave Lunger, Acton RTC Chair, at 781-775-9922/