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ARTC Details

Please join us at our monthly ARTC meeting!
Third Wednesday of each month
We welcome guests to our monthly gathering.
Discussion and refreshments: 7-7:30 PM
Business meeting 7:30 - 9 PM
Confirm Meeting schedule and location by visiting


To promote the election of Republican candidates,
promote the principles of the Republican Party, and to cooperate in
carrying out the program of the Republican State and
Republican National Committees.


1) Uphold the principles set forth by our forefathers in the U. S. Constitution and other
founding documents
2) Support Republican candidates for local, county, state and national office
3) Recruit candidates for municipal and legislative office
4) Provide opportunities for Republican candidates to address the town's Committee and
the public at open forums
5) Sponsor public forums for candidates or public issues debates.
6) Elect delegates to the Republican pre-primary state Convention
7) Assist in fund-raising activities for the Republican Party, MA Republican Party
and Republican candidates.
8) Coordinate election day activities
9) Caucus with Acton Republicans to elect representatives to MA State Republican
Conventions and with District Republicans to elect representatives to Republican
National Conventions.


WE BELIEVE the strength of our nation lies with the
individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom,
ability and responsibility must be honored.
WE BELIEVE in equal rights, equal justice and equal
opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age
or disability.
WE BELIEVE free enterprise and encouraging
individual initiative have brought this nation
opportunity, economic growth and prosperity.
WE BELIEVE government must practice fiscal
responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of
the money they earn.
WE BELIEVE the proper role of government is to
provide for the people only those critical functions that
cannot be performed by individuals or private
organizations, and that the best government is that
which governs least.
WE BELIEVE the most effective, responsible and
responsive government is government closest to the
WE BELIEVE Americans must retain the principles
that have made us strong while developing new and
innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing
WE BELIEVE Americans value and should preserve
our national strength and pride while working to
extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout
the world.
FINALLY, we believe the Republican Party is the best
vehicle for translating these ideals into

Open to enrolled members of the Republican
Party resident in the Town of Acton, elected
from their Town at the Presidential Primary,
or elected by the committee members
at a regular business meeting.
Suggested Donation: $25 per year
Open to Acton Republicans and
Independents who want
to attend ARTC meetings
and participate in ARTC activities.
Suggested Donation: $25 per year
All are welcome!
Open to Acton Republicans and
Independents, high
school students, adults who want to
participate in the political process,
and those interested from
neighboring towns.
Selected from among former members.