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Low turnout tomorrow makes ALL our votes so much more impactful..

The contested races, from an ARTC perspective:


Aaron Hutchins, “Councilor”:

Last meeting, we had a guest visitor in Acton, candidate for Governor’s council Aaron Hutchins.  Well spoken, he submitted

1300 signatures, 1000 needed, but only 989 were accepted – missing by 11. He is the only Republican – we sorely NEED

republican representation on the council, because without it, we get liberal judges like Tim Feeley.  


To write-in Aaron, bring with you written down, and copy onto the ballot under “Councilor”:

“Aaron Hutchins, 91 Brigham Street, Northboro”.

If he gets 1000 votes tomorrow, he will be on the November ballot. If not, there will only be ‘dems on the ballot in November.


Geoff “gas-tax-question” Diehl, US Senate

                We had the honor of meeting with Geoff on a special event on December 1, and other events in or out of town as well. He is the

                conservative in the primary race, IMHO.

                We also had a visit at another ARTC meeting with Beth Lindstrom (January 2018).

                We did not have any visits with John Kingston.


Scott Lively and Charlie Baker, governor of MA:

                We also had the honor of a visit to our ARTC April 2018 meeting by Scott Lively – very compelling story, even more so in-person,

and not at all what his opponents make him out to be. He seems to have a solid block of grass-root support.

Charlie was not in town this cycle. He did visit with Acton during one of the last Oktoberfests on Mass Av.


Attorney General, Jay McMahon:

                Jay McMahon visited with Acton at the October 2017 ARTC meeting. He probably has the most support, but there is some

                backing as well for his opponent, Dan Shores. Dan came to the January 2018 meeting.


Please show support for the uncontested primary races, whose turn to shine will come November:

                Margaret Busse

                Rick Green

                Karyn Polito