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Upcoming Citizen Petitions at Acton Town Meeting on April 1

There are up to 9 Citizen Petitions up for consideration at the April 1 Town Meeting. Many of them may become quite contentious, although most are non-binding. Here is a quick listing to bear in mind over the next 2 months - this is the time to gather information and opinions as to their relative merits - or demerits:

Building Moratorium - 5 years of no new residential building. Non-binding.

Development Rate Limitation - maximum limit to number of building permits to be processed. Non-binding.

Land Clearing Limit - upper %-age of how much your parcel can be cleared. Non-binding.

Size Limit of new single-family houses. Upper amount of square footage. Figure suggested is 4000 sq. ft. Non-binding.

No New Turning Lanes at Kelley's Corner. Non-binding. If nothing changes, we will get more turning lanes that will "take" current sidewalks and business parking; loss of old-growth trees along Mass Av; and increased traffic flow (ie, faster). This petition urges a change to remove the extra turning lanes. IMHO, this attempt to decrease congestion will allow cars to travel quicker, but will promote more regional traffic to flow thru Acton from other towns. It will STILL be congested at rush hour times.

Plastic Bag law - no single-use point-of-sale plastic bags allowed. I believe this requires a 2/3 vote, as it is a zoning change.

And a few others: Increasing ability to have detached accessory apartments; Land acquisition at 257 Central St; and Registering intent to purchase the K-Mart property.

The petitions and other info can be found here.